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Silt Fence Plow

  • Dedicated quick attach skid loader mounting
  • Installs silt fence going forward or backwards with a skid loader
  • Offsets 51" from the center of the plow when going forward
  • Can offset in the pull position 28" or 46" from the center of the plow in the pull position
  • 36" fabric chute installs 36" and shorter fabric
  • 48" fabric chute installs 48" and smaller fabric
  • 1" Thick mole board knife
  • Replaceable 2" wide hardened self sharpening cutting tip
  • Spring loaded hardened 16" diam. cutting coulter to cut through soil, trash, tree roots
  • Grade 8 5/8" x 4" shear bolt protection
  • Forklift / hoist slots for easy moving
  • Rear Pivot has a 90 degree swing to either side of center for tight turning
  • Massive 2" x 8" greasable pivot pins
  • Simple swing dampening brake with adjustable tension setting to keep the rear pivot from slapping when in transport position - no springs to wear out or break
  • 6" x 4" x 3/8" structural steel main beam construction
  • Up to 1500' rolls of silt fence material can be used
  • Fabric tension spring with 16" diameter fabric plate
  • Fabric Chute has stainless steel parts in key wear areas
  • Can install silt fence 6" to 20" deep. The depth needed to install silt fence material is determined by the specs of the job and soil conditions. Most contractors install silt fence 8" - 10" deep.
  • Retractable storage legs with pads for stability
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